TECNALIA develops ingredients with neuroprotective effects

29 February 2024

“TECNALIA works to improve the quality of life and health of consumers through personalised nutrition”

TECNALIA develops ingredients with neuroprotective effects from raw materials in the agri-food sector

As part of the Food4stroke project, TECNALIA is working to select raw materials from the agri-food industry that are rich in phytochemicals and other compounds which are potentially neuroprotective, as a source for obtaining new ingredients, foods and food supplements. TECNALIA also optimises new techniques for sustainable agricultural management to naturally increase the composition of compounds in selected raw materials.

TECNALIA is tackling the challenge of population ageing and chronic diseases. Proper nutrition is becoming as an essential pillar in the fight against chronic diseases such as stroke and neurodegenerative conditions.

Intervention clinical trial

TECNALIA recently carried out a clinical intervention trial at the Virgen Macarena University Hospital (Seville), using diets enriched with ingredients developed in the project, in patients with a very high risk of stroke.

New foods and food supplements are also being designed by including ingredients that will have a significant impact on the prevention of highly prevalent diseases.

Improving society’s health and well-being

This project promises to open up new avenues for the development of foods and food supplements that contribute significantly to improving the health and well-being of society as a whole, especially in the context of ageing population.

Food4stroke Consortium

Thanks to the commitment and collaboration of all participants, Food4stroke is a promising initiative in the field of personalised nutrition and brain health.

The consortium is made up of six agri-food companies, as well as one from the healthcare sector: Vidara, project leader, Cosmos Aromática Internacional S.A, Dcoop Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza, Grupo Empresarial La Caña, S.L., Delafruit, HT Médica and ECONATUR.

TECNALIA actively participates in various tasks of the study and is the technical coordinator of the project, in which other research organisations such as FISEVI-IBIS, IBVF and CSIC also collaborate.