We reduce sugar through natural sweeteners

13 November 2022
Reducimos el azúcar a través de edulcorantes de origen natural

"The aim is to develop new food without conditioning the product’s organoleptic characteristics"

We identify the best natural sweetener alternatives and adapt them to the specific characteristics of the food for which they are intended

Sweeetfood lays the foundation for sugar reduction in food and beverage formulations through the use of new natural sweeteners, fulfilling social needs and expectations and contributing to the World Health Organisation’s policies.

Technological innovation has consisted of identifying the best natural sweetener alternatives to create a specific formulation that adapts to the characteristics of the food for which it is intended. In this way, the food processing conditions, as well as its intrinsic properties, will determine the specific requirements of the sweetener to be used, obtaining a customised design for each application.

Main new features of Sweetfood

One of the main new features has been the production of different natural sweeteners from plants and even agri-food by-products. This has been achieved through technologically feasible and economically competitive processes. The appropriate formulation has enabled them to be incorporated into a wide range of foods in order to sweeten them without modifying the flavours and textures of existing products.

New sugar-free ranges of bakery products, soft drinks, chocolates, ice creams, juices and snacks have been developed through the application of these new sweetener formulations, bringing about major health benefits.