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TECNALIA develops offsite construction R&D&I projects.

29 April 2024
Desarrollamos proyectos de I+D+i en el ámbito de la construcción industrializada

OCH and TECNALIA will collaborate to develop R&D&I projects in the field of industrialised construction.

Both organisations have signed an agreement to share training activities and technology services

Madrid, 22 April 2024. TECNALIA research and technological development centre and the Spanish Offsite Construction Hub (OCH) are starting a strategic collaboration in research and development of new offsite construction solutions, systems assessment and the dissemination of developments in the different areas of offsite construction.

With this agreement, TECNALIA has become a new partner of the OCH, the largest applied research and technological development centre in Spain, a benchmark in Europe and a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance.

Thanks to this collaboration, aimed at sharing synergies from their respective fields of action, both organisations will work together on research and development of new physical, digital or cyber-physical solutions for the offsite construction value chain. Some of the areas they will work on together include the development of new materials, products and systems that are more decarbonised and circular; digital solutions based on artificial vision, intelligent parametric design and cyber-secure traceability; as well as the intelligent automation of offsite processes, including performance control. Both organisations will also work on advanced services for the assessment, standardisation and certification of offsite systems, on the dissemination of progress and on pre-normative working groups.

The aim of this agreement is to develop R&D&I projects, provide advanced technological services and carry out training activities. This will involve carrying out projects, services, technical assistance and other activities in the framework of areas of common interest to both parties.

For TECNALIA, it is a strategic framework for collaboration that enables it to have an impact on the transformation of production models in the construction sector, and to generate new standards for testing performance conformity.  By integrating new technological developments around new, more sustainable product solutions and more autonomous and intelligent processes, TECNALIA aims to help increase productivity by more than 20%, reduce waste by more than 80%, and guarantee systems that are 50% more circular compared to non-offsite construction models.

For OCH, this collaboration means further progress in the development of improvements in the sector, thus taking another step in the right direction.

About OCH

The Offsite Construction Hub (OCH) is a place where companies, institutions, professionals, startups, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders come together to foster learning, collaborative work and co-creation, and thus respond to the challenges of offsite construction/manufacturing/production.


TECNALIA is the largest applied research and technological development centre in Spain, a European benchmark and member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance. TECNALIA works with companies and institutions to improve their competitiveness, people's quality of life and achieve sustainable growth, thanks to a team of more than 1,500 people committed to building a better world through technological research and innovation.

This is why TECNALIA's research has a real impact on society and generates benefits in the form of quality of life and progress. Its main areas of action are: smart manufacturing, digital transformation, energy transition, sustainable mobility, health and food, urban ecosystem and circular economy.

In the latest brand awareness and positioning study carried out by the European Research Survey (ERS) in 2022, TECNALIA tops the list regarding R&D and Innovation brand awareness.