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Advanced manufacturing

Tecnalia - Fabricación avanzada

Industry is in our DNA. For decades, TECNALIA has solved innovation challenges alongside manufacturing companies by integrating the right automation solutions into each process, applying the latest technologies in mechatronics, developing new materials and implementing simulations to manage the performance of manufacturing processes.

Today, thanks to the Industry 4.0 manufacturing is no longer just physical. However, digital data alone does not move business forward. Only by hybridising both worlds can we positively impact the productivity and competitiveness of industrial companies, while increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their processes and products.

Thus, in our experience, we bring an industrial sense to the digital innovations of the connectivity and data revolution, which we will integrate into the new systems, materials, and technologies brought to us by Advanced Manufacturing.

Mikel Niño, PhD

Mikel Niño, PhD

Head of Advanced manufacturing
Brochure: the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution

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