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Regeneration of Urban Environments

Regeneration of Urban Environments

We focus on the consolidation of the urban model as the dominant habitat of the upcoming decades and the need to adapt the current cities (especially in Europe) to rising challenges: demographic and social changes, new mobility schemes, new energy scenarios, etc.

One of the fundamental values that TECNALIA has to offer our clients is knowing what should be preserved in the current cities and how to tailor it to the social demands. Regeneration of the consolidated urban environment and its historical districts to create a new model for urban planning: zero growth. Development of new standards of improved quality of life in existing urban areas. Optimisation of current capacities and resources in medium-sized towns. Comprehensive transformation of the built environment according to real needs with low environmental impact.

Diptych of Rehabilitation and Integrated Urban Regeneration (Spanish)


Recycled Materials and Biomaterials

Housing Construction using Recycled Materials and Biomaterials

Is an opportunity focusing on eco-buildings and the reduction of the environmental impact of construction materials.

Recycled and biomass-derived materials are used for the construction of buildings. To this end, recycled and natural secondary raw materials are used to enhance properties, reduce the carbon footprint of the construction process and, in many cases, to reduce the final cost of the product.


Industrialised Construction

Industrialised Construction

The growing offer of construction solutions and systems with high degrees of pre-fabricated elements to satisfy the demand of sustainable high-performance buildings that have lower construction costs are resulting in the evolution of construction processes towards their industrialisation.

This opportunity is related to the eco-development of construction products and processes for a more competitive construction, resulting in lower impact and allowing the construction of buildings with architectural personality and adapting to the users' needs.

The demand for the personalisation of the construction projects from the architectural concepts and the demands of the final users, is compatible with construction systems and processes that guarantee economical competitiveness thanks to the improvement of quality, the promptness of the execution and a closed.


Smart cities

Smart Cities

In the upcoming years we expect a great growth of cities, which will require that the current and emerging cities become committed to sustainability.

An appropriate combination of knowledge of urban dynamics, the constructed environment and ICTs will allow us to globally face the problems of cities and the development of innovative and efficient solutions to make the evolution towards sustainability possible. Strategic city planning, the design of energy-efficient buildings and the implementation of ICTs as a tool for monitoring and managing the urban environment are the key elements to materialise this transformation.



Simulation Tools for ROI Analysis in Sustainable Rehabilitation Investments

This initiative is related to the restoration of buildings, although it could also be applied to initial phases like building design.

There is a broad range of simulation tools for the design and analysis of energy efficiency in buildings. However, there are no tools to analyse ROI of building or household investments that have already been built. If the user can graphically visualise the savings that can be generated by investing in clean energy to save and have a greater energy efficiency they will be more keen on making such investments.



Design of Interactive Eco-schools

It is an opportunity related to eco-buildings and ICTs.

ICTs, energy efficiency, sustainability and ergonomic and "emotional" conditions as a way to promote the transformation of the educational centres of the future. A complete and comprehensive solution for the educational environments of the future based on new technologies that improve the performance and the quality of learning through: an active equipment for flexible and collaborative education spaces, universal access systems, new interactive didactic systems for the sustainable design of the smart education building and the inside/outside interaction space, construction solutions for energetically self-sufficient and comfortable buildings, smart monitoring, control and maintenance systems for the buildings that integrate the emotional learning scenarios.


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