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EGOIN and TECNALIA highlighted as success stories on Energy Retrofitting


The occupants of the building can remain in their homes while the retrofitting is done from the outside

TECNALIA and EGOIN were highlighted as success stories at the Industry Innovation Day EU Industry Days for the methodology developed that allows energy retrofitting of buildings. This technology is based on the installation of prefabricated timber modules (BERTIM modules) that enable building envelope retrofitting and insert community installations for hot water and air ventilation, which is distributed throughout the external part of the building, so that indoor intervention is minimal.

It is an innovative process to manufacture, assemble and install timber modules in existing buildings quickly and efficiently, so that the inhabitants can remain in their homes while retrofitting is accomplished outside the building.

This new automation method for energy retrofitting of buildings will enable a massive intervention in the energy-consuming building stock , and thus contributes to the decarbonisation of construction initiatives in Europe by 2050. This is one of the goals of the European Commission to fight climate change.

The methodology, developed within the framework of the BERTIM European Project, is supported on a tool called RenoBIM that assists in the decision-making process by providing energy-saving and cost-benefit calculations for the implementation of BERTIM modules. It also generates images of the final look of the building to help the decision-makers invest in the retrofitting of the building.

This solution has been tested at the KubikTECNALIA research building and, throughout this year, it will be implemented in two real cases in buildings in France and Sweden.

The BERTIM project was exhibited at the European Commission EU Industry Day in Brussels on 22 February alongside other promising innovations.

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