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IRUCOAT: Chrome-free anti-corrosion coating

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The deterioration of materials due to corrosion has a significant impact on our society and on our economy. It seriously alters the performance of affected devices or materials, and compromises their functionality.

Today, an important vector that drives the development of new materials and coatings is sustainability, which translates into the search for clean, safe, and highly recyclable materials and coatings.

Potential Market

  • Global and multi-sectoral
  • IRUCOAT is a technology applicable to sectors such as: automotive and aeronautics industries, and household appliances

We offer

  • TRL 4
  • Technology protected by the patent families derived from WO2018073186

We are searching for

  • Licensee/Distributor
  • Investor
  • Industrial partner



Registration No.

A hybrid sol-gel corrosion-resistant coating composition