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TECNALIA NADCAP accreditation renewed: tecnical capacity as test laboratory to support aeronautical sector certified


NADCAP allows us to assess surface treatment baths and metal material testing for compliance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications

TECNALIA’S Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program) has been renewed for a further two years. This accreditation certifies our technical competence as a testing laboratory for surface treatment baths (CP). Our accreditation for testing on metal materials (MTL) - mechanical, metallography and corrosion tests - in the aeronautical sector, has also been renewed for a further 18 months. TECNALIA recently passed audits in both areas (commodities).

Nadcap accreditations constitute international recognition of technical competence and reliability for products and services in the aeronautical sector.

The prestigious international standard is awarded by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), an organisation of the world's leading aircraft builders, AIRBUS, THE BOEING COMPANY, BOMBARDIER and GE Aviation among others, whose main objective is to develop programs and services to improve manufacturing processes and product quality in the aeronautical sector.

The PRI guarantees unbiased assessment of products and services, ensuring that suppliers to the aeronautics sector meet the complex requirements of their customers.

TECNALIA thus consolidates its position as an international benchmark laboratory for the aeronautical sector, thanks to the high quality of its services in material characterisation, where we are constantly growing and expanding our technologies. This accreditation testifies to our ongoing commitment to quality and safety, by means of compliance with both customer requirements and aeronautical industry specifications.

Aerospace Sector Testing Services

The services offered by TECNALIA to the aerospace sector for over 20 years now, include materials characterisation, failure analysis, service performance, one-off tests, materials assessment and diagnosis and comprehensive equipment calibration management.

The centre also develops innovative technologies focussed on next generation aeronautics, developing lighter, cost-effective and higher-performing structures and responding to new mobility and transport requirements by developing smart electric aircraft architectures.

Its research lines target the manufacture processes of compound material structures, the application of multi-function materials, and materials and processes for extreme performance conditions.

Chemical Processing Nadcap Certificate

Nadcap ChemicalProcessing_TECNALIA

Materials Testing Laboratories Certificate

Nadcap Materials_Testing_Laboratory_TECNALIA

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