We model the energy system by incorporating ex ante assessment models of socio-economic and environmental impacts associated with energy technologies and policies.

Our methodologies take the local economic fabric into account and provide support to Public Administrations and all the industry related to the generation, transportation, distribution and end use of energy, in an efficient process of energy transition and decarbonisation of the economy.

We apply methodologies of impact assessment on the economic fabric to prioritise energy technologies, tailored to each situation. These include:

  • Modelling and simulating energy systems for comprehensive energy planning, for the decarbonisation of cities and regions.
  • Defining, modelling and simulating alternative energy scenarios, on a district / city / regional scale and multi-criteria assessment: economic, environmental and social impacts.
  • Modelling scenarios and analysing the potential for deploying alternative energy technologies for developing and monitoring strategic energy plans.
  • Assessing the multi-criteria impact of energy technologies and systems (LCA, LCCA, SLCA) and their supply chain.

International Presence

DHC+ Technology Platform
Energy Efficient Building Association (E2BA)
SPIRE PPP on resources efficiency
Lara Mabe

Lara Mabe

Head of Energy models