Fire engineering

Ingeniería del fuego

In our Fire Digital Lab, we work on the analysis, testing, development and validation of behaviour and fire safety performance both for construction systems, materials and Industrial products. The Fire Digital Lab is a fire testing laboratory digitally connected to the client allowing them to monitor the test in progress and obtain data via streaming without the need to travel.

Our solutions related to fire safety and behaviour:

  • Small and large scale fire tests.
  • Large scale fire spread tests on façades under international standards.
  • Issuance of documents under EXAP standards (extended applications of test results) for construction products.
  • Performance-based design studies under simulation.
  • Fire investigation.
  • Fire resistance of construction elements and service installations
  • Reaction to fire of materials, products and systems and their contribution
  • Opacity and toxicity of combustion gases.
  • Development and fine-tuning of assessment methodologies to accommodate new technical and market requirements.
  • Regulatory advice for the theoretical and experimental predictive assessment of fire performance.

We cover different application regulations and market sectors such as the construction sector, industry in general, the electrical sector and transport (railway and naval sectors), among others. We also have the appropriate accredited equipment to be able to do this.

External partners

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de Santander

International Presence

EGOLF - Grupo Europeo de Laboratorios de Fuego
CERTIFER - Organismo de certificación ferroviaria
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IMO- International Maritime Organization
Dubai Civil Defense para productos protección pasiva frente a incendio
EOTA - Organización Europea para la Evaluación Técnica
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Xabier Olano

Xabier Olano

Head of Fire engineering

Fire tests for façades brochure

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