Molecular biology

Biología Molecular

We provide and develop services in the fields of genetics and functional genomics using new high-performance technologies such as NGS gene sequencing.

The key technologies in the field of molecular biology are:

  • Next generation sequencing (NGS).
  • Capillary sequencing.
  • Quantitative PCR.
  • DNA microarrays.
  • Protein and cellular analysis.

We support the bio-health sector in developing personalised therapies in the field of genetics and functional genomics: molecular diagnosis in the field of hereditary diseases and personalised healthcare; pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), aimed at assisted reproduction clinics; forensic genetics y metagenomics of microbial populations.

External partners

ONKOLOGIKOA - Instituto Oncológico

International Presence

ESHRE - Sociedad Europea de Reproducción Humana y Embriología
ASEBIR - Asociación para el Estudio de la Biología de la Reproducción
Javier Margareto, PhD

Javier Margareto, PhD

Head of Molecular biology

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD

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Genetic Diagnosis brochure

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