Waste valorisation technologies

Tecnologías de procesamiento de residuos

We develop technologies for obtaining value from waste, from the approach through the simulation of chemical processes, laboratory studies and subsequent verification on a pilot scale, to validation in a demonstration plant. We provide solutions for reducing waste volumes.

Our key technologies enable us to take a unique and personalised approach:

  • Transforming waste into raw materials:
    • Recovery of metal and complex waste.
    • Transformation of waste into secondary raw materials.
  • Transforming waste into energy:
    • Development of alternative technologies to incineration (liquid fuels, synthesis gas).
    • Treatment of waste and by-products from energy production processes.
  • Eliminating waste:
    • Vitrification of waste by means of thermal plasma.
    • Environmental validation tools for reusing waste or depositing it in a landfill.
  • Developing ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents for waste recovery and other applications.

Our technological solutions enable us to collaborate with the Administration, the eco-industry, with industries that are highly dependent on the supply of high value-added raw materials (renewable energies, the automotive and aerospace sectors), and those for which waste management is an important part of their business.

External partners

KU Leuven
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Logo TUDelft, Delft University of Technology
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International Presence

European Network of Environment research Organisations (ENERO)
SPIRE PPP on resources efficiency
EMIRI: Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative
International Society Environmental Technical Implications Construction with Alternative Materials (ISCOWA)
ERA - European Research Area
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Amal Siriwardana, PhD

Amal Siriwardana, PhD

Head of Waste valorisation technologies
Transformando los residuos en valor

Transforming waste into value

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