AI: the key to injection moulding of plastic parts

IA: la clave para la inyección de piezas de plástico


29 November 2023




11:00 am - 12:00 pm



In this webinar, TECNALIA will explain how AI is the key to improving the competitiveness of the plastics processing sector

It will present solutions that are already in use and others being developed in order to optimise the transformation process, by effectively addressing changing regulatory requirements and constantly striving to make plastics companies more competitive.

  • TECNALIA’s expert on the subject, Roberto Trueba, will be accompanied by Danel Altuna, Head of Process Engineering at LARRAÑAGA PLÁSTICOS, one of the leading developers of plastic parts for various sectors: automotive, electrical components, household appliances, industrial, measurement and health.

Would you like to spend an hour learning how to optimise your processes? During the session we will explore some key strategies to strengthen the agility, adaptability and decision-making capability of your business.

Aimed at:

Learn about the positive impact of AI applied to processes in the transformation of the plastics sector business:

  • Plastics processing or manufacturing industry.
  • Post-industrial polymer recycling industry.
  • Value chain of the automotive, health, measurement, household appliances, etc. sectors.


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