Hydrogen, a key element for generation, transport, distribution and adaptation of use in mobility, industry and energy applications

investigador con botellas de hidrógeno


16 March 2021




10:00 am - 10:40 am



Hydrogen plays a crucial role in the energy transition as a means of decarbonising those areas and sectors that present the greatest difficulties: in the chemical industry as a raw material; in energy-intensive industrial sectors (steelworks, refineries, cement plants); in transport and mobility; and in transporting energy on a massive scale and storing it for long periods of time.

To reach the ambitious target set by analysts of meeting 24% of the global energy demand by 2050, with annual sales in the range of 630 billion euros, major innovation challenges need to be addressed, which brings great opportunities.

Fernando Espiga, head of Energy Transition at TECNALIA, will explain the opportunities in renewable hydrogen generation for adapting transport and distribution infrastructures, and for developing end applications in mobility, industry and energy systems.

Further information

This webinar is part of the Hydrogen Tuesdays series in which ADEGI, the Association of Gipuzkoan companies, provides Gipuzkoan companies with information on the state of the art in relation to hydrogen life cycle technologies, their applications and the industrial opportunities they can offer companies.