In search of the ethical algorithm: the great challenge of Artificial Intelligence

En busca del algorítmico ético: el gran reto de la Inteligencia Artificial


18 May 2021


On-line - via Zoom


9:30 am - 11:00 am



Artificial Intelligence is the present. Its position as “technology of the future” is now a thing of the past. More and more companies and organisations are using AI as a tool to increase the efficiency of their different business processes. Automation, accuracy and speed in the analysis of complex data are key elements that AI systems excel at.

To ensure that their impact is really positive at all levels, it is necessary to create a balance between the development of this technology and its responsible and ethical use.


All those who are interested in understanding the challenge of Ethics in the evolution of artificial intelligence, from a business and technological perspective.


  • Introduction and Presentation
    Juan Carlos Santamaría - Director of Communication at OdiseIA, Director of Communication at Inithealth (INIT GROUP).
  • OdiseIA: Observatory of the Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence
    Idoia Salazar - President and Co-Director of the Ethics and Responsibility Area at OdiseIA.
  • Ethical implications of AI in the new digital era. Risks and benefits.
    Sergio Gil - Head of Artificial Intelligence at TECNALIA.
  • Privacy-preserving analytics, responsible data economy
    Óscar Lage - Head of Cybersecurity and Blockchain at TECNALIA


  • Juan Carlos Santamaría, Director of Communication at OdiseIA and Director of Communication at Inithealth (INIT GROUP). Co-founder of Health 2.0 Basque and one of the Top 25 Health Tech influencers on Twitter in the whole of Europe, according to a publication in the Financial Times.
  • Idoia Salazar, Co-founder and President of the Observatory of the Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence (OdiseIA). She is a member of the team of experts of the European Parliament’s Observatory of Artificial Intelligence. She is also a Professor at CEU San Pablo University. She is the author of three books, including “The Myth of the Algorithm: Tales and Truths of Artificial Intelligence”.
  • Óscar Lage is Head of Cybersecurity and Blockchain at TECNALIA and member of the Advisory Board of diverse companies. Speaker and co-author of several books, of which “Blockchain: The Internet's Industrial Revolution” stands out. He is a regular contributor in the general media (TV, radio, press) author of the Óscar Lage Blog .
  • Sergio Gil, Doctor in Physics, he is the senior researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data at TECNALIA. He combines his activity with his work as a Data Scientist. He is an expert in numerical modelling and simulation, with more than 10 years of experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimisation. Winner of the DataSciAwards 2019 (European initiative) in the Best Use of Data Science / AI for Industry 4.0 category and Winner of the Advanced Factory Awards 2020 in the Category of "Research and development of artificial intelligence applied in industrial plants".

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