Opening our doors to a sustainable future

Eventos climáticos extremos


29 September 2022 - 30 September 2022


TECNALIA, Building 700, Bizkaia Technology Park


10:00 am - 11:30 am



Do you want to be part of the solution to the climate challenge?

TECNALIA is firmly committed to climate action and works to develop innovative solutions for the generation of energy from renewable sources, to optimise efficiency in energy consumption, improve knowledge of climate behaviour and phenomena associated with climate change and its possible impacts, and design better adapted territories and cities. This work is carried out with renaturalisation as an adaptation principle, ensuring our security and quality of life with initiatives such as LIFEURBAN KLIMA 2050, NetZeroCities and various H2020 and Horizon Europe projects for adaptation and nature-based solutions.

We are opening our doors

The Basque Country will host the third edition of ASTEKLIMA, the Climate and Energy Week. This is an initiative promoted by the Basque Government's Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment through its public entities EVE and Ihobe, whose aim is to raise awareness and mobilise citizens in light of the necessary energy and climate transition.

  • You are invited to visit our facilities in Derio, where you can see some of our laboratories and learn about several projects we are working on.
  • Just register and you will be assigned a day for the visit in order of registration.
  • You will be contacted to confirm the day of the visit, which will be on 29th or 30th September.

Climate change, one of the great challenges of the 21st century

Predictions estimate a global temperature rise of about 2°C by the end of the century, which will result in a range of impacts on natural systems: lack of drinking water, changes in food production, as well as an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme events, such as floods, storms, droughts and heat waves. Addressing climate change therefore requires us to act urgently and responsibly to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming and to adapt to its effects so that we are affected as little as possible.

TECNALIA, Building 700, Bizkaia Technology Park

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