Cases of Success


Caso de éxito ALUCOIL

In conjunction with TECNALIA, we are addressing a new market situation with innovative solutions, in which housing is more sustainable and integrated into a new, more inclusive urban model”

Belén Martín
ALUCOIL General Manager

Inclusive, sustainable and safe industrialisation”

History of ALUCOIL

ALUCOIL is a Spanish multinational company, based in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), specialised in the manufacture of technologically advanced materials for the building, transport and industrial sectors.

“The 2017 Grenfell Tower fire represented a paradigm shift in the way of facing innovation as it was known until then ”, according to the General Manager, Belén Martín.

ALUCOIL + TECNALIA Collaboration

ALUCOIL and TECNALIA embarked on a collaboration that aimed to study a new façade cladding system using aluminium honeycomb panels.

  • The main challenge we faced was building a laboratory for large scale study of fire propagation in record time.
  • A pioneering facility in Spain, capable of providing us with the answers we were looking for to develop new products for construction and new builds.

New, more sustainable and inclusive solutions

ALUCOIL needed to create new solutions to make housing more sustainable and integrated into a new, more inclusive urban model, and to make people’s lives safer.

This paradigm shift was also a new opportunity to train young professionals in the field of fire, research new solutions and address stricter regulations in order to export the new products to the Anglo-Saxon market and the rest of the world.

Innovation at the service of companies and society

The Spanish multinational fosters the creation of an urban model so as to avoid similar cases to that of Grenfell Tower.

“We’ve learned a lot from fire and now we share all of this knowledge with other manufacturers, institutions and society as a whole.”

“A clear example of how innovation can help companies and society”.