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Blockchain technology in healthcare and personal insurance


Venue: Lersundi Kalea, 9, 48009 Bilbao
Date: 2018.04.18
Hours: De 9:30 a 13:15
Duration: 3 horas y 45 minutos
Organiser: TECNALIA
Price: Free

The so-called Blockchain technology was created to make procedures and businesses safer, more transparent and more efficient. It is a record of digital transactions where the information cannot be altered, a fact that makes the system an "arbitrator" of the process in itself, and facilitates the relationships in the chain of intermediaries. This technology, therefore, speeds up business transactions and makes them safer and more straightforward and transparent.

The aim of the conference organised by Health 2.0 Basque is to reflect on the possible applications of Blockchain technology in the fields of healthcare and personal insurance, and on how it will affect and transform business in a not too far-off future. A topic to be discussed will be whether this technology will improve current processes and get rid of many current manual verification processes.

Health 2.0 Basque is a community created to spearhead the future of healthcare in the Basque Country through technology and innovation.

You can see the full programme and register here.

09:30 Registration of attendees
09:30 Welcome by the founders of Health 2.0 Basque
09:35 Presentation by Alex Puig
► Alex Puig, CEO of Alastria, the first multi-sector consortium promoted by companies and institutions to establish a semi-public Blockchain infrastructure, which supports services with legal effectiveness in the Spanish environment in accordance with European regulations
09:45 -11:05 Insurance Block
► [09:45 - 09:55] Presentation by Roberto Fernandez, Global Head of Blockchain Business at Everis
► [09:55 - 10:05] Experiences at Hannover RE - Azucena López, Director of Health and Life at Hannover RE
► [10:05 - 11:15] Round Table and Q&A. Moderator: Juan De la Herrán. Participants: Hannover RE, Surne, Previsión Mallorquina, Alastria, AXA Opensurance and Everis
11:15 Break
11:35-13:05 Health Block
[11:35 - 11:45] Presentation by Oscar Lage, Head of Cyber Security at TECNALIA
[11:45 - 11:55] Experiences at Minsait by Indra - Víctor Sánchez, Blockchain & Digital Transformation Manager
 [11:55 - 12:05] Experience at Philips - Jennifer Caffarel, Research Scientist at Philips
[12:05 - 13:05] Round Table and Q&A. Moderator: Juan De la Herrán. Participants: TECNALIA, Indra, Philips, Ibermática, CGM, PSN Group and IMQ
13:05 Conclusions and Closing Remarks. Founders of Health 2.0 Basque


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