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Course: introduction to CMMI-DEV V1.3

2018.10.08 - 2018.10.10

Venue: TECNALIA Headquarters in Madrid: C/ Velázquez, 64-66 2ª pl. E-28001 (Madrid)
Date: 2018.10.08 - 2018.10.10
Hours: 9am-5.30pm (with 1h 30 minute break for lunch)
Duration: 3 days
Organiser: TECNALIA
Price: €1,210 (€1,000 + 21% VAT)
Nuria Quintano

If you work in systems engineering (hardware and/or software) and are interested in furthering your knowledge on cost reductions, meeting customer delivery times, and the quality of products and services delivered, the CMMI-DEV model can help you to improve the competitiveness of your business. What can I learn in this course?

  • A complete, structured overview of what the CMMI-DEV model is, and what it is not
  • Fundamental concepts of the CMMI-DEV model
  • A way to approach an initiative in your business to improve the capacity to develop quality systems
  • The components of the CMMI-DEV and the relationships between them
  • The various process areas of the CMMI-DEV model

Who is it aimed at? 

  • Development team managers
  • Professionals from the systems engineering sector
  • Team members that coordinate internal business improvements
  • Appraisal Team Members - ATMs for the CMMI-DEV model

How is this course organised and structured?

The course is made up of presentations, exercises, and shared experiences on various aspects, where active participation is required. The course content is structured as follows:

  • Basic concepts of process improvements and CMMI models
  • General overview of the CMMI-DEV model components
  • Institutionalisation of good practice and CMMI-DEV model representatives
  • Good practices for:
  • Systems engineering
  • Project management
  • Support for projects and the organisation
  • Infrastructure required to improve business competitiveness
  • High maturity
  • The course is delivered in Spanish. The documentation provided will be the official documentation from the CMMI Institute which is in English.

What do I need to successfully complete the course? 

  • You must attend the three full days, and take part in the exercises and shared experiences.
  • There are no prerequisites for this course

What will I achieve if I successfully complete the course? 

  • A certificate of attendance and achievement
  • This course fulfils the CMMI-DEV model training prerequisite in order to become a CMMI-DEV Appraisal Team Members - ATMs
  • Complete the training prerequisite in order to obtain personal CMMI Associate certification

How can I register for the course? 

To pre-register for the course please contact Nuria Quintano Fernández.  

Once we have received your pre-registration request, we will send you a confirmation email with bank information in order to pay for the course.

Payment must be made 15 days before the start of the course, and proof of payment must be sent to this email address to complete registration.

Places are limited, and registration will be on a first come first served basis.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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