Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

The continuity of your business in the new industrial scenario


Venue: Alava Technology Park
Date: 2018.10.26
Hours: From 08:45 to 14:00
Duration: 6 hours and 15 minutes
Organiser: ÁGORA (ARABA 4.0 Working Group) and Alava Provincial Council
Price: Free
Eva Salgado

Having a connected company is a necessity, not an option: accessing information remotely, interconnecting with clients and suppliers or obtaining data from machinery and from production systems, and doing so easily and rapidly are some questions to be addressed.

In this scenario, security becomes a key element for the business continuity, whilst it also becomes an opportunity to increase the company's competitiveness.

This conference will enable us to understand what being connected means, its risks and opportunities, as well as to discover the different resources available in Alava for the security of industrial companies.


08:45 Registration of attendees
09:15 Institutional Opening
► D. Ramiro González, Deputy General of Alava
► ARABA 4.0 Working Group
09:30 Are we prepared for so much connectivity?
Being connected is a necessity, but what are the security implications for companies? What risks are we facing? How can industrial SMEs be prepared for this challenge?
► Telefónica
► RootedCON
10:00 Round Table: demands of the region's driver companies in terms of cybersecurity
The large companies in Alava are already adopting the necessary security measures to guarantee the continuity of their business, but what about their suppliers? What do suppliers need to do in terms of cybersecurity in order to continue working with them?
► Mercedes-Benz Vitoria-Gasteiz
► Michelin Vitoria-Gasteiz
► Aernnova
► Tubacex
Moderator: TECNALIA
11:00 Coffee Break and visit to the exhibition area of local companies related to cybersecurity
11:30 Cybersecurity infrastructures in Alava
Alava has become a benchmark region in terms of cybersecurity. In recent months, diverse infrastructures have been implemented to help companies protect or defend themselves against IT attacks.
► Basque CyberSecurity Centre (BCSC)
► Encriptia
12:15 Business continuity: analysis of the risks and opportunities from Industry 4.0
Alava not only has the infrastructures for cybersecurity, but its business sector works with many companies that can help to analyse these risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities for SMEs in Alava.
► S21sec|Nextel
► Globe Testing
12:45 Travel to the TECNALIA building and visit to the BDIHI cybersecurity node central site
► Cyber attack exercise and analysis of the vulnerability of companies: risk identification. OSANE Consulting
► Cyber attack scenarios: potential of the Cyber Range. TECNALIA
14:00 End of the Day

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