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ACCIONA is relying on TECNALIA to demonstrate the renewable origin of its stored energy using Blockchain technology


The Traceblock platform, developed by TECNALIA, which enables the traceability of the entire supply chain, has been adapted to the ACCIONA generation plants in Barasoain (wind power) and Tudela (solar power)

ACCIONA Energía is relying on TECNALIA to be the first company to apply Blockchain technology in order to ensure the 100% renewable origin of the energy fed into the mains grid from two of its storage facilities in Navarra (Spain). More specifically, at its photovoltaic plant in Tudela and its wind power plant in Barasoain. The aim of ACCIONA is to demonstrate the renewable origin of all of the company's electrical production using Blockchain, for which it has launched the GREENCHAIN initiative.

Demonstrating the renewable origin of electric power is and increasingly widespread demand, associated with the growth of the green energy corporate contracting market, and the Blockchain technology may greatly facilitate this client service in any part of the world. "We are extremely satisfied to have taken this first step on a path that will undoubtedly mark a trend in the forthcoming years", declared Belén Linares, Director of Innovation at ACCIONA Energía.

The STORe-CHAIN system developed by ACCIONA is capable of handling the data recorded on diverse meters at the facility, to provide traceability of all the renewable energy. This data is stored in the TECNALIA TRACEBLOCK technology, which validates and guarantees its reliability, as well as client transparency at all times.

TRACEBLOCK is a Blockchain platform developed by TECNALIA, which enables the traceability of the entire supply chain, including the product life cycle.

TECNALIA is a reference in the Blockchain technology and forms part of the world's main alliances, such as the EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) or Hyperledger (The Linux Foundation). At a national level, TECNALIA is leading the Alastria Industry 4.0 hub and holds the Vice-Presidency of the AMETIC Blockchain Commission. It also has the first Industrial Blockchain Laboratory, with pioneering facilities in Europe, which allow companies to: know about success stories, gain experience and test technological solutions and business models for their subsequent implementation.


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