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Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

TECNALIA works closely with critical software towards the transformation of their production and management processes


Critical Software methods are based on agility: they provide high quality and reliable software

Since 2018, TECNALIA has been a benchmark partner for Critical Software. Giuseppe Satriani, team leader of the IT Processes platform in our ICT area, has been working alongside Critical Software professionals on the transformation of their production and management processes.

This company provides high quality, reliable software while also optimising the processes aimed at increasing its capacity and reducing costs. It works on the production and management process standardisation. Critical Software methods are based on agility: a combination of Scrum and Kanban methodologies in a sector governed by the cascading life-cycle. 

Its management model is based on an integrated ecosystem of tools that automate the management of the internal work-flow. At the same time, they provide support on specific technical issues, regardless of geographical location.

Since 2009, the reference framework for action of Critical Software has been CMMI©. Currently, it continues to be a benchmark for the continuous cycles of improvement of its software development processes, in which preference is always given to the usefulness of the solution for the organisation’s global business. Critical Software has been a Level 5 CMMI©-DEV organisation since 2009 and its new High Integrity Systems division was certified Level 5 CMMI©-DEV in June 2019.

More information on Critical Software

Critical Software is a company with more than 950 employees, founded in 1998. Its headquarters are located in Coimbra (Portugal) and has a further 9 branch offices around the world.

Its mission is to provide software systems and services for critical missions and applications to a wide range of highly technological customers such as: Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom, BMW, ESA, NASA, JAXA, Northrop Grumman, Thales Alenia Space, Terma, Eumetsat, the Portuguese Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom, Irish Coast Guard and Vodafone.

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