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Advanced multi-material structures for the automotive industry 2018


Venue: Parque Empresarial Boroa P2-A4 - 48340 - Amorebieta-Etxano (Bizkaia)
Date: 2018.10.02
Hours: 09:00 a - 16:00
Organiser: AIC, Mondragon University and TECNALIA
Price: 350 €

AIC-Automotive Intelligence Centre, Mondragon University and TECNALIA are organising the Advanced Multi-material Meeting for the Automotive Sector 2018, which will be held on 2nd October at the AIC.

The automotive industry is investing heavily in the manufacture of cleaner vehicles, which implies lighter cars, but without undermining safety. Car manufacturers are facing the challenge through the multi-material strategy, implementing "the appropriate material in the appropriate place" motto.

The meeting aims to display the strategy focusing on concepts such as the light design of the bodywork; new steels, aluminium alloys and composites for structural parts, and joining technologies. For this purpose, there will be professionals from different countries who will provide their vision and experience in the multi-material strategy for the automotive sector.

The industry in the Basque Country is committed to environmental friendliness: manufacturers of components for the aeronautical and automotive sectors are striving to offer more sustainable parts in the cars and aircraft of the future with the help of the technology centres and the university, without reducing the safety levels of the goods and people.

Undoubtedly, the combination of materials in their manufacture will be the key factor for this event. For the time being, using lighter materials represents a significant increase in the price of cars, which limits its use for mass production, and for this reason, the current tendency is to opt for a combination. The next phase is to combine the materials better to manufacture lighter units thanks to "hybrid solutions" with materials such as steel and carbon fibre.


09:00 Registration of attendees
09:20 Welcome
09:30 Strategy and Market
► Main research challenges for the automotive industry / Luis de Prada, Research Programme Manager / EUCAR
► Vehicle Alleviation: discovering where is the spotlight /Elixabet Legarreta, Analyst / SCOPE 
 Weight versus multi-material design cost: 2 strategies based on large SUV – Audi Q5 versus Jaguar F-Pace / Antoine Chatelain, Benchmarking Studies Manager - A2MAC1
► Q&A
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Lightweight Metal
► New lightweight products and solutions for automation/ Georges Lovato, Automotive Engineer - ARCELOR Mittal Europe 
► Historic Review of our processes, materials and evolution of the product for lightweight steering knuckles / Patxi Rodríguez, Director of materials and new technologies - EDERTEK 
► The role of surface friction and texture in stamping processes. Experimental tests and numeric simulation / Lander Galdos, Head of Advanced Material Forming Processes- MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY
► Q&A
13:00 Lunch and Exhibition of the Jaguar F-Pace and Audi Q5 Full BIW and chassis components
14:30 Composites
► Fagor production facilities for alleviation technologies/ Andoitz Aranburu, Director of Innovation for the Automotive Division - FAGOR ARRASATE
► Phillip Zimmermann - KRAUSMAFFEI
► Carbon SMC (CSMC) in the automotive industry: Application in AMG-Mercedes and new developments / Iñaki Martínez, Sales Director - ASTAR 
► Q&A
16:00 Joining Technologies
► Innovative joining technologies for light vehicles /Ricardo Molina, R&D BiW Material Joining Manager - GESTAMP 
►  Laser union of hybrid sets (metal and TP-FRPC). Hybrid joining cell for the manufacture of multi-material components and added functions to the adhesive joints / Fernando Liébana, Leader of the automation manufacturing group & Sonia Florez, Head of the multi-functional materials platform - TECNALIA
► Riveting Technology for mixed material vehicle bodywork / Paul Briskham, Head of the Technology Group - Atlas Copco Industrial Assembly Solutions
► Advanced solutions for the assembly of adhesives, which allow multi-material structures in the automotive industry / Orhan Imam, Head of Development of the EMEA Application - DoW Automotive Systems
► Q&A and Conclusions
17:00 End of the day

Registrations will be made via the AIC website (LIMITED CAPACITY)

The event will be held in English.

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