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A Roadmap for CyberPhysical Systems for Manufacturing


The way to implement Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

TECNALIA participa conjuntamente con BOSCH, SIEMENS, HOLONIX, SUPSI y la Fondazione Politécnico Milano, y en el marco del proyecto Scorpius, European Roadmap fo Cyber-Physical systems en Fabricación.

The project SCORPIUS, in which six organizations (BOSCH, SIEMENS, HOLONIX, SUPSI, Fondazione Politécnico Milano and TECNALIA) are working on the analysis of the evolution of Cyberphysical systems in Manufacturing, has just published one of its planned deliverables, its SCORPIUS ROADMAP (Deliverable 3.2: Final)

This document reports the consolidated roadmap for CPS in Manufacturing Industry as defined from sCorPiuS work team. It is the result of one and half year activity carried out to identify what are the Research Priorities involving CPS with the maximum impact to Manufacturing domain both for large and small-medium enterprises.

In Chapter 1 Introduction, it is described the process leading to the Roadmap generation and, in the overall domain of Manufacturing in Europe, how CPS in general and how sCorPiuS outcomes can impact the performances of the manufacturing industry. It is either presented a short recall of sCorPiuS vision. (See D2.2 for details).

In chapter 2 Recommendations, the team has listed specific technology and not-technology areas not directly addressed in this deliverable and in general by sCorPiuS, but which are crucial as enablers for the sCorPiuS roadmap. These areas need to be addressed in other research initiatives. (e.g. EFFRA research headlines). sCorPiuS team issued a set of recommendations to address these points.

In chapter 3 Research Priorities for Cyber-Physical Manufacturing, it is introduced the preliminary list of 14 research topics, where it it possible to identify both the expected breakthroughs and impacts. Current maturity and the relevance for each topic is also assessed.

Final result gives us an overall idea of what the basic tile of the Industry 4.0, the Cyberphysical Systems can offer to the new manufacturing era yet to come.

More information:

web: sCorPiuS

Email:">Luis Usatorre


sCorPius is a CSA - Coordination and support action, financed by the EU under

H2020-FoF-2014, FoF-01-2014 Call, Process optimisation of manufacturing assets, with number nº 193437.


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