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We are bringing together more than a hundred companies at the international forum on structural die casting 4.0


Making vehicles lighter is one of the main challenges faced by the transport sector in light of new legislation

The reduction of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions is of the utmost importance for vehicles of the future. So much so that there is a clear trend in vehicle lightening in the transport sector due to new legislation promoting these reductions.

Within these trends to reduce vehicle loads, the use of aluminium is growing with an annual increase of around 10%. In the case of die cast parts, the market niche with the highest level of growth and the best prospects is that of structural parts which are used to replace parts made from heavier materials such as iron and steel.

In this context, we organise the International forum on structural die casting 4.0taking place on the 23rd of November at the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park. More than one hundred die casting companies and suppliers of the technology and raw materials included in the value chain will take part, to develop the design, implementation and use of structural parts produced by die casting. Throughout the day we will discuss solutions for companies interested in learning about the improvements that this technology can bring to their product.

The main areas we will address are the following:

  • Design, implementation and validation of HPDC for structural parts.
  • Improvements in the die casting process (Industry 4.0, Sensors, Vacuum Systems, Moulds).
  • Advanced materials, new alloys, new release agents.
  • Advanced simulation of HPDC structural parts and dies.

The foundry sector is one of the most relevant sectors in the Basque Country where approximately 40% of the Spanish die cast parts are made, and it is also where the main suppliers of die cast moulds are located.

TECNALIA has maintained a consolidated relationship with companies in the sector for over 20 years, through the numerous consultations, support and projects that count on us. Thanks to this, the next International forum on structural die casting 4.0 will bring together global leaders such as FONDERIE 2AIDRABUHLERELECTRONICSKROWNGHIKIND&CO.COSTAMPURIBESALGOFONDAREX-CONIEXALROTECCOMPROMEC-CONIEXMARBO-CONIEXBARALDICHEM-TREND,INYTIALGOSARIKIAySFLOW-3DMAGMAMONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA and FEAF in what will be the main meeting point for the sector.  

For more information and to register: International forum on structural die casting 4.0


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