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80% of TECNALIA initiatives related to the Factory of the Future will be implemented in less than two years


The technology centre presents its machine-tool innovations at the 28th edition of the Biennial

TECNALIA turns the application of collaborative robotics and the arrival of Google Glass into a reality for factories with first rate partners worldwide

Machine-tooling has been and is one of the sectors most inclined to innovate its products and processes and is one of the sectors in most need of it in the current economic and industrial environment. Last year, the machine-tool sector grew by 6.4% and Spain became the third European producer, proving that it is a growing sector, but also one undergoing change and renovation, committed to innovation and technology in order to be more competitive in the market to which 5% of its turnover is assigned.

Thanks to its experience in the sector, the Applied Research and Technological Development Centre, TECNALIA, has anticipated the future and identified the demands of the factory of the future and provided a solution through applied research and technological development. These solutions are already a reality for companies. In fact, 80% of TECNALIA initiatives related to the Factory of the Future will be implemented in less than two years. They are integrated, multi-sectoral projects which help companies to improve in each stage of their production process. Therefore, it is foreseen that their productivity will be improved, offering cost savings of around 20%.

According to TECNALIA, the keys that define manufacturing of the future are Automation and Robotisation, Flexibility, Intelligence, Sustainability, Connectivity, as well as more Social Manufacturing. These keys have been reflected in applications which have already been implemented in the market, along with other innovations that will be applied in the short, medium and long term. Attendees at the 28th edition of the Machine-Tool Biennial, which is being held in Bilbao at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, from 2nd to 7th June, can discover these technologies first hand.  

TECNALIA at the Biennial

Among the technologies that TECNALIA has already introduced in the market, the following are showcased at the Biennial:

  • Maaximus, the first automated multi-operation aeronautical assembly system that TECNALIA has developed for the Airbus plant in Hamburg.
  • Hiro, the only humanoid robot that works alongside humans in the assembly of small parts on an industrial scale.
  • A pioneering system in the detection of flaws in the hot rolling process, which is already on the market via the Sarralle Group. This system reduces costs by 15%, by eliminating the return of products that fail to reach the required quality.
  • A smart fault prediction system to obtain "zero defect" processes that TECNALIA is already applying in companies, such as GAMESA.
  • Icaro, a smart machine and robot movement monitoring system to ensure shared and safe workplaces. In the automotive sector, this system is being implemented in the assembly of parts at companies, such as PSA Peugeot Citroën.


In addition to these systems that are already available in the market, TECNALIA has presented other innovative technologies at the Biennial, which it expects to launch in the short term. Namely, the implementation of Google Glass in manufacturing environments, a pioneering European initiative by TECNALIA and ZERINTIA TECHNOLOGIES. Both companies take augmented reality to the Factory of the Future to obtain real-time information about the machine in operation, consumption data or fault detection. Furthermore, repairs can be carried out remotely, seeing from a remote location through the eyes of the operator that is alongside the machine. The introduction of this tool will represent a revolution in the sector, reducing maintenance costs and improving the machine's productivity. More information in the next video:

On the other hand, TECNALIA also presents the “shark sucker” robot, a step further in the work that TECNALIA has been carrying out over the past 10 years related to the identification and implementation of portable robotics in factories. The aim of this robot is to repair large size parts, whereby it moves autonomously and precisely with minimum energy consumption.

At a European level, TECNALIA was selected by the European Commission to participate in over 15 advisory groups to create the policies related to the Factory of the Future. It is currently participating in over 70 European manufacturing projects, of which it heads 20%. 

More information about TECNALIA in BIEMH 2014 in the next video:

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