Digital twin for building management

Gemelo digital para gestión de edificios

The digital twin addresses the main challenges posed by buildings, allowing building managers to focus on improving energy efficiency and sustainability, on the industrialisation and automation of processes and on key areas such as safety (fires, earthquakes, break-ins), among other issues.


A building’s digital twin is a virtual representation of reality, both of the building and the processes that take place within it.

In sequential order, this virtual replica makes it possible to:

  • Identify any problems in the building in real time.
  • Carry out an advanced analysis of these problems, as all the information required is available and integrated into the digital twin.
  • Plan the most appropriate actions.
  • Validate the result of actions taken.

The information that is centralised in the building’s digital twin, and connected and organised in a Big Data and artificial intelligence architecture, makes it possible to apply predictive maintenance algorithms, simulate the behaviour of any piece of equipment or system and optimise the analysis of improvements in the field of energy efficiency.

KUBIK is a real building in which TECNALIA has implemented digital twin architecture, validating the benefits that managers and owners can obtain from the virtual replica.

This new version of KUBIK 4.0 makes it possible to apply innovative cybersecurity, blockchain, IoT, AI and big data techniques. It also allows progress to be made in developing the autonomous management and predictive maintenance of buildings and advanced simulations.

Aimed at:

  • Building owners
  • Building managers/administrators
  • Control system manufacturers
  • Communication and control system integrators and installers
  • Installers of thermal and electrical installations
  • Energy efficiency consultants
  • Facility maintenance and management service providers
  • Energy services enterprises
  • Manufacturers of new enclosure solutions

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