KUBIK experimental building

Edificio KUBIK

KUBIK is a unique experimental facility created to develop and validate new concepts, products and services in full-scale trials.

These are mainly aimed at improving energy efficiency, safety, people's quality of life and new interactivity systems in buildings.


KUBIK’s main uniqueness is its ability to recreate realistic scenarios on which to research improvements in energy efficiency, based on the interaction of construction solutions, smart management of air-conditioning and lighting systems and the supply of renewable energies.

The infrastructure consists of a building capable of reconfiguring a maximum of 550 m2, distributed over a basement and three other floors above ground. The energy supply is based on a combination of renewable energies (geothermal, solar, and wind) and, if necessary, conventional energy.

It is equipped with a monitoring and control system, which processes the information required for carrying out R&D and innovation activities. The building can be completely dismantled, and it is possible to reconfigure simultaneous scenarios at a construction level by replacing the construction components of the façade, roof and partitions.

KUBIK can be tailored to the needs of the experimental process of each development implemented. As part of its highly flexible approach, the internal distribution of space, the enclosure and structural systems, the configuration of the air conditioning system (HVAC), the electrical grid, the control system and the corresponding virtual model are redefined for each experiment.

Aimed at:

  • Building owners
  • Building managers/administrators
  • Control system manufacturers
  • Communication and control system integrators and installers
  • Installers of thermal and electrical installations
  • Energy efficiency consultants
  • Facility maintenance and management service providers
  • Energy services enterprises
  • Manufacturers of new enclosure solutions

Accreditations and Recognition

Basque Digital Innovation Hub
Basque Digital Innovation Hub

Digitalisation Brochure – Building Technologies

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