Mobile electrical installation testing laboratory

Laboratorio móvil para ensayos en instalaciones eléctricas

A mobile laboratory that makes it possible to carry out electrical diagnostic tests on large rotating machines (generators and motors) in power plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, combined cycle power plants and industrial plants.

We also carry out electrical testing for the predictive maintenance of power transformers in electrical substations and industrial plants.


The aim is to determine the condition of the coil insulation in stators, rotors and exciters.

The scope of these tests includes:

  • Insulation resistance and polarisation index
  • Ohmic resistance
  • Tan-delta and capacitance
  • Partial discharges, TVA
  • AC and DC dielectric strength
  • Magnetic package evaluation – EL CID test
  • Verification of temperature probes
  • Transformation ratio (hydraulic installations)
  • Vacuum and short circuit breakers (hydraulic installations)
  • Characteristic curve (hydraulic installations)

Our testing service for the predictive maintenance of power transformers is aimed at identifying the condition of the transformer in order to define predictive maintenance measures.

The scope of these tests includes:

  • Tan delta and capacitance of coils
  • Tan delta and capacitance of terminals
  • FRA – frequency response analysis
  • FDS – spectroscopy
  • Recovery voltage
  • Insulation and coil polarisation index
  • Ohmic resistance of coils
  • Characterisation of the magnetic package
  • Transformation ratio
  • Dispersion impedance

Aimed at

  • Manufacturers of power generators and transformers.
  • Electricity companies and power plants.
  • Industrial plants.
  • Engineering firms.
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