Smart grid and distributed generation laboratory

Laboratorio de redes eléctricas inteligentes y generación distribuida

Low voltage three-phase microgrid for developing and testing equipment for integrating distributed energy resources into the grid. It also has a control system to optimise its operation.

The laboratory also features a power hardware in the loop system, consisting of a digital real-time simulator and two power amplifiers.


The laboratory includes the following elements:

  • 3 grid emulators (3 x 50 kW).
  • 2 DC sources (100 kW, 280 kW).
  • Wind turbine (6 kW).
  • Single-phase photovoltaic installation (0.6 kW).
  • Three-phase photovoltaic installation (3.6 kW).
  • 2 flexible converters (2 x 40 kW) with grid-forming/grid-following capacity.
  • Line emulator.
  • RLC flexible load bank (150 kW).
  • Ultra-capacity power bank (5 kW).
  • Battery bank (1120 Ah, 24 VDC) + single-phase inverter
  • Battery bank (1925 Ah, 48 VDC) + three-phase inverter.
  • 1 flywheel (250 kW).
  • PHIL system: digital real time simulator + power amplifier (2 x 50 kW).

The microgrid management system controls the operation, following a certain strategy: it physically connects / disconnects the different elements and changes their topology, which makes it possible to:

  • Develop and test operation and control algorithms for smart grids.
  • Analyse inverters connected to the grid, their behaviour in islanding and their contribution to the stability of the grid.
  • Test AC/AC and DC/AC converters, active filters, STATCOMs, and energy storage systems.

Aimed at:

  • Manufacturers of electrical equipment.
  • Manufacturers of power electronics equipment.
  • Electrical power distribution companies.
  • Energy Services Enterprises.

International Presence

Asociación DERlab, “European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e.V.”
IEEE PES Society, Subcommittee “Energy Development and Power Generation”, Working Group (WG) on “Global Laboratory Infrastructure for DER – Application and Testing”
International Energy Agency (IEA) ISGAN-SIRFN