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Digital twin for optimised asset management


We offer a digital twin generation service to optimise asset management.

Twin tower technology consists of the generation of a virtual replica of a product, service or process that simulates the behaviour of its physical counterpart, in order to monitor it, analyse its reaction to certain situations and increase its performance and efficacy.

Our service consists of different twin tower solutions adapted to the customer’s requirements.

From light solutions in which the 3D model integrates static information, or in other words, information that is input to the model on a timely basis, to complex solutions in which the 3D model is fed dynamic real-time information from sensors installed on the object or real facility.

This information can be easily accessed by all of the agents participating in the asset management. Furthermore, it can be viewed and operated from any device with an Internet connection, enabling its use from the office or in the field.

We are capable of integrating data analytics engines which enable predictive analysis to be carried out and understand possible future statuses of the real facility in advance. This information enables the owner to make a full analysis of the asset, improving decision-making, avoiding potential future problems and, in short, optimising asset management.


  • Prior / conceptual design
  • Commissioning / Decommissioning
  • Asset Integrity
  • Maintenance
  • Visual Inspection
  • Training
  • Operational Planning
  • Construction Planning
  • Health and Safety – Safety
  • Historic Reconstruction
  • Insurance / Recreation of Scenes

Aimed at:

  • Architecture Studios
  • Engineering Firms
  • Construction Companies and Developers
  • Public Administrations
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