20 years of collaboration in pharmaceutical development

17 March 2023
Desarrollo Farmacéutico

“We offer our customers a complete development package from galenics, analytics, stability to scale-up and manufacturing”

TECNALIA & Laboratorium Sanitatis, 20 years of collaboration and growth in pharmaceutical development

Laboratorium Sanitatis S.L.U., Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal, is the medicine scaling and manufacturing plant, 100% owned by TECNALIA. It started its activity in 2003 with the main objective of being a pilot plant for the manufacture of scaled-up and regulatory batches of medicines. It supports pharmaceutical development activities and participates in the manufacture of batches for clinical research, for pharmaceutical developments undertaken by TECNALIA and those proposed by our clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our plant’s good work over the years, and TECNALIA’s successful pharmaceutical developments has enabled Laboratorium Sanitatis to incorporate the manufacture of commercial batches of medicines for the Spanish and European markets, without neglecting the activity of scaling-up, pilot batches and clinical research batches.

Comprehensive services Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation

Our plant’s participation is an essential part of the pharmaceutical development projects generated in TECNALIA. We offer our customers a complete development package, from galenics, analytics, stability to scale-up and manufacturing.