3D printing to improve dental treatment

10 October 2022
Impresión 3D para mejorar los tratamientos dentales

“We are working on the development of new materials and products based on 3D printing and bio-printing”

We offer new technologies based on additive manufacturing to develop and generate value in the field of biomedical products

The use of 3D printing-based technologies in the dental sector has increased significantly increase year after year.

This type of technology offers dentists and patients an effective, fast and lasting solution. It enables the development of personalised and tailor-made products for each patient, which are far more affordable than traditional treatments.

Development of new materials and products based on 3D printing and definition of certification routes

At TECNALIA, we are committed to personalised health through the use of additive techniques for the dental industry in order to:

  • Manufacture solutions for use in dentistry through 3D printing.
  • Minimise rejection of implantable products and improve integration and tissue regeneration in patients.
  • Reduce the cost of such implantable solutions.