Collaboration agreement with Fourier Intelligence International

20 January 2023
Acuerdo de colaboración con Fourier Intelligence International

“This agreement was signed during RehabWeek 2022, one of the largest international congresses in the field of medical rehabilitation”

We cooperate and collaborate with Fourier Intelligence International in the academic, cultural, business and research fields

The main activities to be carried out by both entities include the organisation of public events, such as symposia, conferences, courses and other educational events. TECNALIA and Fourier Intelligence will also explore opportunities for technology transfer, and the potential commercialisation of the assets developed in TECNALIA's neuroengineering and rehabilitation area.

At the signing of the agreement, Fourier Intelligence International was represented by Zen Koh, CEO of the Global Headquarters in Singapore, and Thierry Keller, Head of Neuroengineering at TECNALIA.

Thierry Keller, Head of Neuroengineering at TECNALIA and President of the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society (IFESS), was one of the speakers at the "Challenges in Hybrid Neuroprosthesis-based Rehabilitation" conference at RehabWeek 2022 in Rotterdam.

About Fourier Intelligence International

Fourier Intelligence is a technology-driven organisation that has added creativity to the development of exoskeletons and rehabilitation robotics since 2015.

This organisation joins researchers, therapists and patients to develop and redefine robotic rehabilitation solutions with interconnectable smart robotic technology. It also works on improving the user experience with an intuitive and easy-to-use system, with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients and clinical staff.