Creating smart urban environments for older people

30 April 2024
Entornos urbanos inteligentes para personas mayores

“The SIRENE project has developed a handbook for innovators, and a best practice plan to foster social innovation”

TECNALIA promotes social innovation ecosystems to transform urban environments into smart, healthy and age-friendly spaces

TECNALIA contributes to the growth of social innovation ecosystems providing sustainable community-based services for the implementation of SHAFE (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments) in Europe. In this sense, the SIRENE project encourages the widespread adoption of smart solutions for a good quality of life, combining the housing sector and ICT.

Urban environments adapted to everyone

For an increasing number of people, the current housing stock and other buildings are no longer suitable for independent living. Smart living solutions are required to upgrade the existing housing stock into a smart living environment suitable for ageing well.

The strength of the project lies in its collaborative spirit, bringing together 51 experts from various European countries. Through the Expert Hub, these professionals have joined forces to co-create a social innovation framework, sharing their expertise in a range of areas including policy-making, social housing, IT and architecture.

A toolbox for social innovators and a sustainability strategy will also be developed to ensure the implementation of the results beyond the duration of the project.

TECNALIA’s role in this project

TECNALIA has extensive experience in the development and implementation of solutions for the diagnosis, planning and design of urban regeneration and transformation strategies. It does so from a multidimensional, integrated and participatory perspective, enabling a transformation of cities in line with the SDGs.

These solutions enable cities to become smart, sustainable, resilient, inclusive and age-friendly urban environments.

The project consortium

TECNALIA is working on the SIRENE project with Shine 2Europe, Afedemy, ECHAlliance, F6S and ISRAA.

The SIRENE project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 EU research and innovation program, in accordance with Subsidy Agreement number 101096077.