DeepTech4Impact: open call on decarbonisation

22 November 2022
Convocatoria abierta

"Deeptech4Impact unleashes all of TECNALIA's technological potential to give your start-up a boost"

The first call focuses on projects that address solutions for the decarbonisation of the economy, although other projects whose disruptive technology generates a high impact on society will also be received and considered

DeepTech4Impact, the deeptech start-up accelerator managed by TECNALIA Ventures, TECNALIA's Venture Builder, sees decarbonisation as a lever to boost the competitiveness of an industrial sector in need of change. Climate change, high energy dependence on fossil fuels, high energy costs, etc. require profound transformations that imply disruptions in existing business models.

The challenge of decarbonising the economy addresses this issue; its impact goes beyond the energy sector, extending to how we think about our urban ecosystem and sustainable mobility.

TECNALIA: a technology partner for your start-up

The deeptech accelerator is looking for a promotion team committed to a value proposal that has passed the ideation and prototyping phase, and in which TECNALIA's technological capabilities provide the differential for the success of deeptechstart-ups.

Deeptech4Impact deploys all of TECNALIA's technological potential to boost your start-up by offering access to technological capabilities and highly specialised teams, as well as a roadmap to market that will enable project development to be accelerated.

If you are interested in forming part of DeepTech4Impact, sign up via this form and you will receive a response from the team.