IE Business School and TECNALIA Ventures boost the creation of Deep Tech

9 May 2024
IE Business School y TECNALIA Ventures impulsan la creación de Deep Techs

“IE Business School and TECNALIA, together with TECNALIA Ventures, its Deep Tech Venture Builder, will provide these startups with the resources, advice and access to a technological network necessary to support their growth”

IE Business School and TECNALIA Ventures, TECNALIA’s Deep Tech Venture Builder, have signed an agreement to boost innovation and talent in Deep Tech

IE Business School, an internationally renowned business school, and TECNALIA, one of the largest applied research and technology development centres in Europe, have signed a strategic agreement to accelerate the development and scaling-up of disruptive companies. The aim is to offer students and graduates career development opportunities promote research projects, and organise events that promote debate and communication between academia and business.

According to Asier Rufino, Director of TECNALIA Ventures: “The potential for creating new value chains is attracting policymakers’ interest in deep tech because of its ability to boost regional reindustrialisation and technological sovereignty – key aspects of the European Innovation Agenda. In order for this to be successful, it is necessary to develop ecosystems that create well-rounded teams from both a scientific and a business perspective. That is the main aim of this partnership”.

A generation of innovators and leaders in the deep tech industry

Jesús Valero, Director of TECNALIA, signed this agreement last week: one of the main goals is to train the next generation of innovators and leaders in the deep tech industry.

  • IE Business School students will be able to do internships and take part in research projects in companies in which TECNALIA has a stake.
  • The work will focus on smart manufacturing, health and food, digital transformation, urban ecosystem, energy transition, circular economy and sustainable mobility.
  • These internships and projects will enable them to use their knowledge to find solutions to technological challenges.
  • Graduates will also have access to development opportunities in deep tech companies in which TECNALIA has a stake.

IE Business School and TECNALIA will also organise joint events, workshops, seminars and conferences to promote knowledge exchange, the development of networks, career development opportunities and collaboration between students, graduates, researchers, entrepreneurs and managers in the technology sector.