Ingredalia increases its sales by 150% and boosts its internationalisation

17 April 2024

“The startup has managed to strengthen its internationalisation by obtaining the IFS quality certificate”

Ingredalia, a deeptech startup owned by TECNALIA, has increased its sales by 150% and obtained a certificate to export to the United States and other European countries

The startup has boosted its internationalisation by obtaining the IFS quality certificate, which will allow it to put its commercial strategy into action in the United States and European countries such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Ingredalia increased its sales by 150% in 2023, with production of 100 kilos of its products derived from broccoli. The person responsible for leading this new commercial drive to the United States is Miguel Ángel Cubero, CEO of Ingredalia.

They attended Natural Products Expo West in May 2023, where they discovered what they needed to do to make this leap. Cubero confirmed that they have the contacts to be able to get started in the USA after obtaining the certificate and carrying out research; interest in the project and its products has increased in both the human food and pet food segments.

More projects

In addition to broccoli derivatives, this year they plan to industrialise two new products derived from cardoons and artichokes. The aim is to start marketing them in 2025. Miguel Ángel Cubero said that they will invest in equipment, as they need ad hoc machinery to be able to carry out their new developments. Ingredalia is preparing to build a factory on land reserved in TRASA’s current installations in Milagro, the origin of the startup.

It is also preparing to launch a new collaborative platform to market its products, in conjunction with other specialty ingredient startups in Spain, thereby boosting its sales.

About Ingredalia

Ingredalia sells its ingredients to manufacturers of food supplements for humans and pets. They are used to make capsules, pills and jelly beans and by feed manufacturers.

There are several R&D&I projects in which Ingredalia collaborates with the food industry, such as Crescere (obtaining new vegetable proteins) and CircFood (enhancing vegetable by-products).