Local bio-health R&D&I for the Basque Country

10 November 2022
Foro "Matchmaking Innovación en Salud"

"Meeting for the development of new "Smart Medical Device & Robotics” solutions

Public-private collaboration is key to creating competitive "technology clusters", generating and retaining talent and incorporating innovation

The “Innovation in Health Matchmaking” Forum for the development of new “Smart Medical Device & Robotics” solutions was held yesterday, Wednesday, in Donostia - San Sebastian, whose main objective was to promote open innovation ecosystems aimed at the development of new "Smart Medical Device & Robotics" solutions.

The Forum was attended by pioneering organisations in the field of health, such as public institutions, start-ups, R&D&I groups, industry and technological and clinical centres, to generate a high-value business fabric through these new solutions and, in turn, retain talent and consolidate the Basque Country as a technological hub of reference at a national level.

In conjunction with the organisations attending the forum, we aim to promote "local" bio-health R&D&I for the Basque Country, positioning this region as a hub for the rest of Spain.

Main themes of the Innovation in Health Matchmaking Forum

This forum encouraged networking and the promotion of projects between start-ups, companies with a long history in the healthcare technology sector associated with Fenin and research groups.

The contents of the conference had a three-fold purpose:

  • interconnecting synergies between the industrial fabric in the field of smart medical devices and robotics
  • encouraging the identification and development of projects that transform the health system
  • fostering a value chain around healthcare technology

Collaborators of the "Innovation in Health Matchmaking" Forum

This meeting has included the collaboration of the Basque Foundation for Innovation and Health Research (BIOEF), the Basque Health Cluster, the Basque Research & Technology Alliance, the ITEMAS Platform at Carlos III Health Institute, and the Spanish Society of Biomedical Engineering (SEIB): organised by Fenin's Spanish Platform for Innovation in Healthcare Technology, the Basque Government, TECNALIA and the Biodonostia Health Research Institute.