More efficient diagnostic systems for personalised health

18 February 2022
Sistemas de diagnóstico más rápidos, fiables, sensibles y económicos. Herramientas de gestión de datos que aceleren las decisiones sanitarias y faciliten el tratamiento de los pacientes

“We need faster, more reliable and cost-effective diagnostic systems and data management tools that accelerate health decisions and facilitate patient treatment.”

The breakthroughs of the ZURETZAT initiative to increase the competitiveness of the Basque industrial fabric in the diagnostic sector

At TECNALIA ,we are working on the ZURETZAT initiative to research and develop new diagnostic platforms and new products related to different platforms: sensor systems, reading devices and data management tools.

The combination of medical knowledge, technology and data science is revolutionising medicine, giving way to  personalised health. Detection, diagnosis, treatment and even disease prevention transform people's lives more quickly and effectively, guaranteeing appropriate and individualised treatment for each patient.

Diagnosis for detection and overall improvement of health

ZURETZAT is an industrial initiative supported by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government.  It falls within the Personalised Health strategic priority, set out in the bases of the RIS3 Euskadi 2030 smart specialisation strategy.

The project focuses specifically on the field of diagnostics for comprehensive health detection and improvement by applying cloud platforms and artificial intelligence: it offers personalised diagnoses that improve the treatments of diseases and therefore the quality of life, delaying ageing.

The opportunity that the ZURETZAT project offers the Basque Country lies in the growth of the diagnostic industry, positioning Basque companies in the sector (mostly SMEs), making them grow and attracting new ones to complete the value chain of these products.