Relive Online InfoDay for Entrepreneurs 2021

22 February 2021
EIT Health: InfoDay on-line para emprendedores 2021

Entrepreneurs and start-ups in the health sector have the opportunity to learn about EIT Health’s acceleration programmes.

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology in Health (EIT Health) in collaboration with TECNALIA Ventures, TECNALIA’s Deep Tech Venture Builder, held the InfoDay event, in which entrepreneurs and start-ups in the health sector had the opportunity to learn about EIT Health's acceleration programmes.

The aim of this event was to offer support in bringing disruptive products or services to the market, give access to EIT’s European network of industrial partners, investors, research centres and hospitals, and provide entrepreneurs and start-ups with the knowledge and resources needed to grow their businesses.

Taking part in this session were Germán Lasa, Head of Marketing and Communication at TECNALIA Ventures, Irene Sánchez, Business Creation Manager at EIT Health Spain, and Rubén Molina, CEO of Innitius.

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If you have an innovative project and you would like to benefit from the advantages of being part of the EIT Health community, please fill in the application form below and we will send you the full video of the event.

Further information

EIT Health Spain has partners in five regions: Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, the Basque Country and Andalusia. Together they provide an innovation environment with close links between companies, universities, university hospitals and healthcare providers, which act as agents in the three strands of the innovation triangle: research, education and business creation.

Their vision is to be a benchmark alliance in health, fostering the prevention and promotion of active ageing and the improvement of chronic patients. They are working to ensure the sustainability of the Spanish hub and promote collaboration both nationally and internationally.