Relive the EIT Health InfoDay for Entrepreneurs

18 February 2022
Revive el InfoDay del EIT Health

“EIT Health programmes help start-ups adopt new skills, connect with a network of experts, and access funding and new markets”

The Infoday for Entrepreneurs announces the different acceleration programmes, and reveals the testimonials of two start-ups

On 1st February, the Infoday for Entrepreneurs was held in Derio, organised by TECNALIA Ventures, the Deep Tech Venture Builder of TECNALIA and EIT Health Spain. This session introduced the EIT Health Acceleration Programmes that have recently opened applications.

Germán Lasa, CMO of TECNALIA Ventures, opened the first session in which he explained the role of TECNALIA Ventures as the Deep Tech Venture Builder of TECNALIA, building businesses from the technologies developed by the centre.

Joan Grasas, Entrepreneurship Lead of EIT Health Spain, then presented the acceleration programmes whose calls are open and the conditions and specifications to be able to participate in them. These programmes offer start-ups the opportunity to adopt new skills, connect with an extensive network of experts or access new markets and funding, among others.

Testimonials of two entrepreneurs; Fesia and Innitius

Two entrepreneurs related their experience in the health sector: Fesia, as an example of a start-up that may qualify for one of the EIT Health programmes, and Innitius, as an entity that has already done so.

Haritz Zabaleta, CEO of Fesia, introduced this deep tech start-up that develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical devices based on Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in order to provide support in the recovery of injuries caused by neurological disorders.

Rubén Molina-Conce, CEO and co-founder of Innitius, presented this start-up, which is already part of the EIT Health Alumni community, devoted to the development of innovative uses of torsional waves for women's health. Furthermore, Rubén explained the support he has received from different EIT Health programmes in which he has participated.

Relive the Infoday for Entrepreneurs