Strengthening the health sector in the Basque Country

26 September 2022

"Building a close, efficient and comprehensive health sector based on the Km 0 philosophy"

The Basque Government has signed up to support the first phase of the Osasunberri initiative

The aim of Osasunberri is to build a close, efficient and comprehensive health sector based on the Km 0 philosophy: it arises from the need to work collaboratively to address the challenges faced by the health sector. Working in cooperation will enable leading Basque entities in the sector to achieve a common goal: to develop an R&D strategy that advances the state of the art and equips itself with the necessary capacities to overcome current barriers and challenges, and thus strengthen the Km 0 health value chain in the Basque Country.

TECNALIA's contribution

Our objective in this first phase is to have the necessary infrastructures in place to enable the prototyping of new microfluidic systems, which will be integrated into diagnostic devices. We will develop a method for ultra-fast prototyping of plastic microfluidic devices.

Tests, therapy, assistance and digital connection

Osasunberri acts in four areas: tests, therapy, assistance and digital connection. Osasuntest aimsto obtain different tests. It has R&D platforms for the development of technological solutions and manufacturing capabilities related to new diagnostic tests. The second area Osasuntherapy addresses is the application of different therapies. It focuses on the implementation of R&D capabilities needed for the development of pharmaceutical drugs, microbiological drugs, as well as the development of cellular or rehabilitative therapies. Osasunassistance develops post-COVID pilot spaces, increases the level of digitalisation of healthcare and fosters innovation platforms. Finally, the Osasunconnectarea monitors competitive trends, the protection of intellectual property, eco-design and the integration of digitalised systems. Osasunberri is among the priority projects of the Basque Country’s Strategic Investment Plan 2022-2024, with which the Basque Government aims to boost the Euskadi Next Programme.