TECNALIA participates in the development of a pre-treatment process for organic waste

15 December 2021
proceso de pretratamiento para los residuos orgánicos

The CAFIPLA initiative will provide an economically feasible and environmentally friendly treatment technology to create raw materials

The increasing success of the bioeconomy is creating a problem related to the demand for raw materials. Most of the raw materials that are being supplied come from primary agricultural production, such as starch, sugar and vegetable oils.

Heterogeneous biowaste, such as municipal and/or urban biowaste, sludge from wastewater, industrial waste, waste from agricultural crops, etc. are a challenging source due to their heterogeneous nature.

This biowaste is currently recovered to a limited extent or is used solely in low value applications.

Carboxylic acid platform and fibre recovery platform

The CAFIPLA initiative will develop and optimise an innovative cascading pre-treatment process that turns these biowaste flows into high quality intermediate products for biological-based industry. The treatment technology is economically feasible and environmentally-friendly.

It will use two conversion platforms: the carboxylic acid platform (CAP) and the fibre recovery platform (FRP).