TECNALIA participates in the development of multiple and printable biomedical electrodes based on smart and adjustable smart fabric textiles

12 August 2021
nuevos electrodos biomédicos múltiples e imprimibles basados en fibras textiles inteligentes y ajustables

TECNALIA will manufacture electrodes with various elastic textile pads and with integrated logic circuits, which allow an adjustable and flexible placement

The WEARPLEX initiative will provide revolutionary advancements by integrating printable electronic devices with flexible biomedical electrodes based on wearable textile fibres. This multi-disciplinary research project aims to make possible the manufacture of electrodes with various elastic textile pads and with integrated logic circuits that allow an adjustable and flexible placement.

By developing smart and personalised electrodes compatible with any system or application, this technology will create a new paradigm, for example, new haptic interfaces will be designed for devices that stimulate specific areas of the user and even monitor the patients’ health at home.

One of the limitations of the current use of electrodes is the time and effort involved in attaching the electrodes, one by one, on the patient’s body. Electrodes are rigid, relatively large, and only cover a specific area of various muscles. They are also challenging for the user since they must be placed and fixed correctly.

If it were possible to place multiple electrodes at once, the measurements and the electrical stimulations would offer higher resolution, allowing the measurement and stimulation of individual muscles and even certain parts of a specific muscle with greater precision.