TECNALIA receives an award at REBUILD for BIM4DW tool

13 April 2023
Ganadores y finalistas de los premios Rebuild 2023

“The aim is to promote industrialised, digital and socially but also environmentally responsible building”

TECNALIA receives the AEDAS Homes Award for the best digitalisation project and technological development for the BIM4DW web tool

TECNALIA has received an award for the BIM4DW tool, developed within the framework of the ICEBERG project. It is a web-based tool to quantify types and quantities of materials in a building without prior information, planning demolition, managing waste and estimating costs, as well as the environmental impact of the action.

Innovation has been the main feature at the Advanced Architecture Awards 2023, the awards that recognise projects that are transforming the building industry and which are held within the framework of REBUILD 2023.

The awards recognise companies and professionals who incorporate new materials, develop alternative products, improve the user experience, are committed to the incorporation of technology or encourage industrialisation and compliance with sustainable criteria.

TECNALIA’s proposal at REBUILD 2023

TECNALIA presented its main technological solutions in the field of digitalisation, industrialisation and circularity in the construction sector with the aim of transforming and decarbonising this industry at REBUILD.

The research centre has unveiled, among other developments and innovations, new industrialised products, different automation and robotics solutions, digital twins applicable to any phase of the building value chain and tools, and new innovative technologies to accelerate the adoption of the circular economy by the construction industry.

Presentations by experts

TECNALIA’s experts also gave several presentations; sustainability in industrialised construction projects; the challenge of circularity in new buildings with the case of Madrid as an example; the development of an industrialised façade with biomaterials; digitalisation to transform and decarbonise the construction industry; the latest technologies in BIM such as its contribution to 3D printing and digital twins, and artificial intelligence in construction.

José Manuel Olaizola, Head of Industrialisation and Automation at TECNALIA, also addressed the application of BIM, digital twins and augmented reality in the building industry; “the interoperability of different systems is important, and this is what BIM enables. By creating a common language, we can prevent and predict what will happen, and thanks to AI we can manage operations better.”

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