TECNALIA Ventures; national reference in entrepreneurship

13 April 2022
Tecnalia Ventures nombrada Venture Builder de referencia

“TECNALIA solves valuation problems of its clients’ R&D and innovation investments through TECNALIA Ventures”

TECNALIA Ventures has been selected as one of the Top 36 venture builders in Spain, a start-up factory, by El Referente magazine

El Referente, the leading magazine specialised in entrepreneurship and investment has selected TECNALIA Ventures, TECNALIA's deep tech venture builder, as one of the Top 36 Spanish venture builders and the oldest specialised in deep tech.

El Referente defines the venture builders in its report “The Venture Builder reaches its maturity stage in Spain” and clarifies that “despite the fact that incubators and accelerators also fulfil this mission of driving a project and helping to turn it into a profitable business, the venture builder has the peculiarity of being an active and key part in the founding of the start-up or project”.

As the report itself indicates, among all the venture builders, TECNALIA Ventures is the oldest one with respect to deep tech in Spain, and a reference in Europe. Furthermore, “TECNALIA solves valuation problems of its clients’ R&D and innovation investments through TECNALIA Ventures, contributing to the technology transformation process for social and economic impact

TECNALIA Ventures focuses its efforts on connecting the three fundamental pillars of any innovation ecosystem: people and organisations focusing on the generation of technological ideas; people with an entrepreneurial profile or entrepreneurial vision; and investors who not only provide the financial muscle, but also commit to supporting the development of entrepreneurship.”

TECNALIA invested companies

TECNALIA has 14 invested companies, which are managed through TECNALIA Ventures: Fesia, Neos Surgery, H2SITE, Ingredalia, Acustrain, Biokemik, ElCode, Digimet, Go4It Solutions, Aurea Pay&Pass, Nautilus, Vixion, Addilan and Izpitek.

Furthermore, for the fifth consecutive year, TECNALIA is once again one of the top organisations in Spain in terms of the number of applications for European patents. In 2020, it ranked third in this list. Consequently, as of December 31, 2021, the centre has a portfolio of 783 patents (divided into 192 patent families) and 155 software registrations.