Testing of syringes for the medical industry

8 March 2023
Ensayos jeringas industria médica

“Mesoestetic is a world leader in the field of medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine”

MESOESTETIC has entrusted TECNALIA to test its syringes

To determine the sliding force of the piston, tests have been performed on different combinations of syringe, needle and cannula. The value of this force is essential for the safe application of the liquid it contains, and will depend directly on the viscosity of the liquid and the type and size of cannula or syringe. This parameter is therefore essential for the selection of the right syringe to administer products.

The trials aim to ensure the highest quality, safety and efficacy of the products in clinical practice

These tests have been carried out in the mechanical testing laboratory using the UNE-EN ISO 7886-1, EN ISO 11499 and ISO 11040-4 standards as references, where the test procedure and equipment are defined.

The test consists of applying a load on the piston to expel the liquid from the pre-filled syringe into the container through the needle or cannula. The force required to initiate the movement of the piston and the force during its sliding is recorded.

The test rig consists of an upper clamping device to fix the syringe, and a lower clamping device to hold the liquid container.