Together on World Breast Cancer Day

24 October 2023
Día del

“Together we can make a difference in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer”

Early detection and risk assessment are key in the fight against breast cancer

TECNALIA’s Genetics Laboratory is committed to the fight against this disease that affects so many lives. Early detection and risk assessment are key, which is why TECNALIA offers oncology clinics and professionals the identification of specific genetic biomarkers for early diagnosis, prediction of disease progression and, especially, screening of patients to give them specific therapies.

This last group of genetic markers is extremely important: they will enable the selection of the most suitable therapeutic option according to the molecular characteristics of the tumour, thus making the selected therapy more effective against the disease.

TECNALIA is committed to the fight against this disease

World Breast Cancer Day takes place on 19 October and raises awareness and supports all women who have fought and are fighting this disease every day. TECNALIA would like to share a ray of hope and a bit of knowledge.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) picked this date to promote early diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as to increase women’s access to check-ups and timely treatment of this disease.