Addilan: High contribution rate additive manufacturing machines based on WAAM technology


What Addilan does

ADDILAN was established in 2016 thanks to the collaboration between two leading companies in the machine tool sector: MAHER Holding and ONA Electroerosión.

Addilan produces and markets high contribution rate additive manufacturing machines based on WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology, focused on the high value-added and medium-large size component market.

It mainly focuses on process development, machine design and mechanical characterisation and works with materials such as steel, titanium alloys, superalloys and aluminium alloys. Addilan machines also have a closed-loop control system and an inert chamber with a special loading and unloading system. This ensures the quality of the part during the manufacturing process.

Market potential

Addilan’s additive machines are focused on the market of high added-value components and medium-large components, in various industrial sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace, energy and naval, among others.

The main advantages of WAAM technology compared to other additive technologies on the market are the following:

  • Higher contribution rate
  • Possibility of manufacturing larger parts and preforms

Information for future clients


Date of incorporation: 2016
Phase: Marketing
Employees: 6
Offices: Durango – ES
Funding rounds: 4
Investment partners: TECNALIA, MAHER Holding, ONA Electroerosión, Gestión de Capital Riesgo País Vasco, Seed Capital de Bizkaia


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